Dot Plot Options

The chart options that are available depend on the chart type and the data.

Missing Values. These options are available only when the new chart will display or summarize more than one variable (not including variables that define groups):

  • Exclude cases listwise. This option excludes a case from the entire chart if it has a missing value for any of the variables summarized.
  • Exclude cases variable by variable. This option excludes a case separately from each summary statistic calculated. Different chart elements may be based on different groups of cases.

Display groups defined by missing values. This option is available only when you use a categorical variable to define groups for a new chart. If selected, each missing value for the grouping variable (including the system-missing value) will appear as a separate group in the chart. If not, cases with system-missing or user-missing values for the grouping variable are excluded from the chart.

Plot shape. This option specifies the layout of the dot plot. In most cases, the default, asymmetric, is the best option. However, you can also create a dot plot with the points centered around an arbitrary horizontal line (symmetric) or without stacking (flat).