Chart titles are text boxes that the Chart Editor automatically positions above the data frame (which is the frame around the axis titles and the graphic elements). If there isn't space for the chart title, by default the Chart Editor enlarges the outer frame to accommodate it. (You can change this default behavior. See Controlling White Space for more information.)

Note: Unlike text boxes, you should not move a title from its default position. If you want to place text at an arbitrary position, use a text box instead. See the topic Text Boxes for more information.

How to Add a Title

  1. From the menus choose:

    Options > Title

    The Chart Editor creates the title and automatically positions it above the data frame.

  2. Type the title text. To enter line breaks, press Shift+Enter.
  3. Press Enter when you have finished typing.
  4. If necessary, use the Text tab to format the text.

How to Delete a Title

  1. Select the title's frame.
  2. Press Delete.