Displaying a Distribution Curve on a Histogram

If your chart is a histogram, you can add a distribution curve. Several different distributions are available for drawing the curve.

How to Add a Distribution Curve

  1. From the menus choose:

    Elements > Show Distribution Curve

    The Chart Editor displays a normal curve on the histogram.

  2. Use the Lines tab to specify the formatting for the curve. See the topic Line Style for more information.
  3. Use the Distribution Curve tab to change the distribution type and its parameters.

How to Remove a Distribution Curve

  1. From the menus choose:

Elements > Hide Distribution Curve

Using the Distribution Curve Tab

Curves. Choose a distribution type for the curve. Common types appear with an icon showing a sample curve. Select Other curves for more distributions.

Parameters. Select Automatic to let the Chart Editor choose parameters for the distribution. You can select Custom to adjust the parameters so that the distribution better fits the data. Automatic parameters are not available for the distributions listed in Other curves. Enter parameters that make sense for the distribution and your data.