Dialog Box Navigation Special Topic: Custom Tables

Note: Custom Tables is part of the Custom Tables add-on option that is available only if you have purchased and installed the Custom Tables option.

The canvas in the Custom Tables dialog box requires some special consideration. As with other main dialog boxes, the initial focus is placed in the source variable list.

Switching tabs. Use the Tab key to move focus to the tabs, and then use the left and right arrow keys to switch tabs.

Moving about the canvas. The Tab key moves focus between the row, column, and layer areas. Use the arrow keys to move focus within an area. Alternatively, you can use Alt+W, Alt+O, and Alt+Y to move directly to the rows, columns, or layers, respectively.

Building tables. To add a variable to the canvas, select it in the source list, press Ctrl+C (Windows/Linux) or Command+C (Mac) to copy it, then navigate to an area, and press Ctrl+V (Windows/Linux) or Command+V (Mac) to paste the variable. To rearrange variables in the canvas, press Ctrl+X (Windows/Linux) or Command+X (Mac) to cut and Ctrl+V (Windows/Linux) or Command+V (Mac) to paste. In general, all table building and modification operations are available via a pop-up menu accessed on Windows and Linux by pressing Shift+F10 in the source list, canvas, or layers.

On the canvas pane, the pop-up menu for the variable that has focus provides a Paste submenu with options to paste above/below for stacking or right/left for nesting.