Bayesian One-way Repeated Measures ANOVA: Bayes Factor

You can specify the approach that is used to estimate the Bayes factor for the Bayesian One-way Repeated Measures ANOVA models. The following options are available only when either the Estimate Bayes Factor or Use Both Methods Bayesian Analysis option is selected.

Bayesian information criteria (BIC)

Uses an extension of the BIC approximation to the repeated measures design for estimating Bayes factors. The setting derives the effective sample size accounting for repeated measures correlation, and suggests an improved penalty term when estimating the BIC for the selection between two competing models. This is the default setting.

Rouder's mixed design
Uses the multivariate generalizations of the Cauchy distribution as the prior for standardized effect size, and a non-informative prior for variance.
Note: The global frequency weight setting and the regression weight are ignored when this option is selected.