Associating Existing Scripts with Viewer Objects

You can use existing scripts as autoscripts by associating them with a selected object in the Viewer--for instance, a frequency table.

  1. In the Viewer, select an object to associate with an autoscript (multiple Viewer objects can trigger the same autoscript, but each object can only be associated with a single autoscript).
  2. From the menus choose:

    Utilities > Associate AutoScript…

    If the selected object does not have an associated autoscript, the Select Autoscript dialog opens.

  3. Browse for the script you want and select it.
  4. Click Apply.

If the selected object is already associated with an autoscript, you are prompted to verify that you want to change the association. Clicking OK opens the Select Autoscript dialog.

Optionally, you can configure an existing script as an autoscript from the Scripts tab in the Options dialog box. The autoscript can be applied to a selected set of output types or specified as the base autoscript that is applied to all new Viewer items. See the topic Script options for more information.