Customizing Variable View

You can use Customize Variable View to control which attributes are displayed in Variable View (for example, name, type, label) and the order in which they are displayed.

  • Any custom variable attributes associated with the dataset are enclosed in square brackets. See the topic Creating Custom Variable Attributes for more information.
  • Customized display settings are saved with IBM® SPSS® Statistics data files.
  • You can also control the default display and order of attributes in Variable View. See the topic Changing the default variable view for more information.

To customize Variable View

  1. In Variable View, from the menus choose:

    View > Customize Variable View...

  2. Select (check) the variable attributes you want to display.
  3. Use the up and down arrow buttons to change the display order of the attributes.

Restore Defaults. Apply the default display and order settings.