Creating Custom Variable Attributes

To create new custom attributes:

  1. In Variable View, from the menus choose:

    Data > New Custom Attribute...

  2. Drag and drop the variables to which you want to assign the new attribute to the Selected Variables list.
  3. Enter a name for the attribute. Attribute names must follow the same rules as variable names. See the topic Variable names for more information.
  4. Enter an optional value for the attribute. If you select multiple variables, the value is assigned to all selected variables. You can leave this blank and then enter values for each variable in Variable View.

Display attribute in the Data Editor. Displays the attribute in Variable View of the Data Editor. For information on controlling the display of custom attributes, see Displaying and Editing Custom Variable Attributes below.

Display Defined List of Attributes. Displays a list of custom attributes already defined for the dataset. Attribute names that begin with a dollar sign ($) are reserved attributes that cannot be modified.

This dialog box generates VARIABLE ATTRIBUTE command syntax.