TwoStep Cluster Analysis Output

Output. This group provides options for displaying the clustering results.

  • Pivot tables. Results are displayed in pivot tables.
  • Charts and tables in Model Viewer. Results are displayed in the Model Viewer.
  • Evaluation fields. This calculates cluster data for variables that were not used in cluster creation. Evaluation fields can be displayed along with the input features in the model viewer by selecting them in the Display subdialog. Fields with missing values are ignored.

Working Data File. This group allows you to save variables to the active dataset.

  • Create cluster membership variable. This variable contains a cluster identification number for each case. The name of this variable is tsc_n, where n is a positive integer indicating the ordinal of the active dataset save operation completed by this procedure in a given session.

XML Files. The final cluster model and CF tree are two types of output files that can be exported in XML format.

  • Export final model. The final cluster model is exported to the specified file in XML (PMML) format. You can use this model file to apply the model information to other data files for scoring purposes. See the topic Scoring Wizard for more information.
  • Export CF tree. This option allows you to save the current state of the cluster tree and update it later using newer data. See TwoStep Cluster Analysis Options for more information on reading this file.

To Request Optional Output for TwoStep Cluster Analysis

This feature requires the Statistics Base option.

  1. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Classify > TwoStep Cluster...

  2. In the TwoStep Cluster Analysis dialog box, click Output.
  3. Select the output you want.