Output (Nearest Neighbor Analysis)

Viewer Output

  • Case processing summary. Displays the case processing summary table, which summarizes the number of cases included and excluded in the analysis, in total and by training and holdout samples.
  • Charts and tables. Displays model-related output, including tables and charts. Tables in the model view include k nearest neighbors and distances for focal cases, classification of categorical response variables, and an error summary. Graphical output in the model view includes a selection error log, feature importance chart, feature space chart, peers chart, and quadrant map. See the topic Model View (Nearest Neighbor Analysis) for more information.


  • Export model to XML. You can use this model file to apply the model information to other data files for scoring purposes. See the topic Scoring Wizard for more information. This option is not available if split files have been defined.
  • Export distances between focal cases and k nearest neighbors. For each focal case, a separate variable is created for each of the focal case's k nearest neighbors (from the training sample) and the corresponding k nearest distances.