Logit Loglinear Analysis Model

Specify Model. A saturated model contains all main effects and interactions involving factor variables. It does not contain covariate terms. Select Custom to specify only a subset of interactions or to specify factor-by-covariate interactions.

Factors & Covariates. The factors and covariates are listed.

Terms in Model. The model depends on the nature of your data. After selecting Custom, you can select the main effects and interactions that are of interest in your analysis. You must indicate all of the terms to be included in the model.

For the selected factors and covariates:

Creates the highest-level interaction term of all selected variables. This is the default.
Main effects
Creates a main-effects term for each variable selected.
All 2-way
Creates all possible two-way interactions of the selected variables.
All 3-way
Creates all possible three-way interactions of the selected variables.
All 4-way
Creates all possible four-way interactions of the selected variables.
All 5-way
Creates all possible five-way interactions of the selected variables.

Terms are added to the design by taking all possible combinations of the dependent terms and matching each combination with each term in the model list. If Include constant for dependent is selected, there is also a unit term (1) added to the model list.

For example, suppose variables D1 and D2 are the dependent variables. A dependent terms list is created by the Logit Loglinear Analysis procedure (D1, D2, D1*D2). If the Terms in Model list contains M1 and M2 and a constant is included, the model list contains 1, M1, and M2. The resultant design includes combinations of each model term with each dependent term:

D1, D2, D1*D2

M1*D1, M1*D2, M1*D1*D2

M2*D1, M2*D2, M2*D1*D2

Include constant for dependent. Includes a constant for the dependent variable in a custom model.

Specifying Models for Logit Loglinear Analysis

This feature requires Custom Tables and Advanced Statistics.

  1. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Loglinear > Logit...

  2. In the Logit Loglinear Analysis dialog box, click Model.
  3. In the Logit Loglinear Analysis Model dialog box, select Custom.
  4. Select one or more factors or covariates or a combination of factors and covariates.
  5. Select a method for building terms and click the move button.
  6. Repeat until you have all the terms you want in the model. Do not use the same term more than once in the model.