Cox Regression Options

You can control various aspects of your analysis and output.

Model Statistics. You can obtain statistics for your model parameters, including confidence intervals for exp(B) and correlation of estimates. You can request these statistics either at each step or at the last step only.

Probability for Stepwise. If you have selected a stepwise method, you can specify the probability for either entry or removal from the model. A variable is entered if the significance level of its F-to-enter is less than the Entry value, and a variable is removed if the significance level is greater than the Removal value. The Entry value must be less than the Removal value.

Maximum Iterations. Allows you to specify the maximum iterations for the model, which controls how long the procedure will search for a solution.

Display baseline function. Allows you to display the baseline hazard function and cumulative survival at the mean of the covariates. This display is not available if you have specified time-dependent covariates.

Specifying Cox Regression Options

This feature requires Custom Tables and Advanced Statistics.

  1. From the menus choose:

    Analyze > Survival > Cox Regression…


    Analyze > Survival > Cox w/ Time-Dep Cov…

  2. In the Cox Regression dialog box, click Options.