Distributed Analysis Mode

Distributed analysis mode allows you to use a computer other than your local (or desktop) computer for memory-intensive work. Because remote servers that are used for distributed analysis are typically more powerful and faster than your local computer, distributed analysis mode can significantly reduce computer processing time. Distributed analysis with a remote server can be useful if your work involves:

  • Large data files, particularly data read from database sources.
  • Memory-intensive tasks. Any task that takes a long time in local analysis mode may be a good candidate for distributed analysis.

Distributed analysis affects only data-related tasks, such as reading data, transforming data, computing new variables, and calculating statistics. Distributed analysis has no effect on tasks related to editing output, such as manipulating pivot tables or modifying charts.

Note: Distributed analysis is available only if you have both a local version and access to a licensed server version of the software that is installed on a remote server.