VALUE LABELS deletes all existing value labels for the specified variable(s) and assigns new value labels. ADD VALUE LABELS can be used to add new labels or alter labels for specified values without deleting other existing labels.

VALUE LABELS varlist value 'label' value 'label'... [/varlist...]
             [/datevarlist ’value’ ’label’...]

This command takes effect immediately. It does not read the active dataset or execute pending transformations. See the topic Command Order for more information.

Value labels can also be set from the Variable View tab.

Release History

Release 14.0

  • The maximum length of a value label is extended to 120 bytes (previous limit was 60 bytes).

Release 16.0

  • Limitation preventing assignment of missing values to strings with a defined width greater than eight bytes removed.


VALUE LABELS JOBGRADE 'P' 'Parttime Employee' 'C' 'Customer Support'.