SAVE TRANSLATE translates the active dataset into a file that can be used by other software applications. Supported formats are include Excel, dBASE , CSV, tab-delimited text files, SAS, Stata, SPSS/PC+ data files, and ODBC database sources. For ODBC database sources, it can also manipulate database tables.

[{/OUTFILE=file               }]
 {/CONNECT=ODBC connect string}


 [/TYPE={CSV  }]
        {DB2  }
        {DB3  }
        {DB4  }
        {ODBC }
        {PC   }
        {SAS  }
        {SYM  }
        {SLK  }
        {TAB  }
        {WKS  }
        {WK1  }
        {WK3  }
        {XLS  }


 [/ENCODING={'Locale'}] [BOM={YES}]
            {'System'}       {NO }
            {'value' }



               [DECIMAL={DOT  }]
               [FORMAT={PLAIN   }]]


           {SE         }



 [/TABLE = 'database table name']

 [/SQL = 'SQL statement' [/SQL = 'SQL statement']]

  [METHOD={OFF  }]
          {ODBC }
  [BINDING={ROW   }]


 [{/APPEND }]

 [/RENAME=(old varlist=new varlist)[(...)]

 [/KEEP={ALL    }]





This command reads the active dataset and causes execution of any pending commands. See the topic Command Order for more information.

Release History

Release 14.0

  • Value STATA added to list for TYPE subcommand.
  • EDITION subcommand introduced for TYPE=STATA.
  • SQL subcommand introduced.
  • MISSING subcommand introduced.
  • Field/column names specified on the RENAME subcommand can contain characters (for example, spaces, commas, slashes, plus signs) that are not allowed in IBM® SPSS® Statistics variable names.
  • Continuation lines for connection strings on the CONNECT subcommand do not need to begin with a plus sign.

Release 15.0

  • ENCRYPTED subcommand introduced.
  • Value CSV added to list for TYPE subcommand.
  • TEXTOPTIONS subcommand introduced for TYPE=CSV and TYPE=TAB.

Release 16.0

  • VERSION=12 introduced for writing data in Excel 2007 XLSX format with TYPE=XLS.

Release 17.0

  • UNENCRYPTED subcommand introduced.

Release 18.0

  • VERSION=9 introduced for writing SAS 9+ files with TYPE=SAS.

Release 19

  • ENCODING subcommand introduced.

Release 22.0

  • BOM keyword added to ENCODING subcommand.

Release 23.0

  • Support for versions 9-13 of Stata added to VERSION subcommand.
  • BULKLOADING subcommand added.

Release 24.0

  • VALUE keyword added to FIELDNAMES subcommand.
  • ODBCOPTIONS subcommand added.
  • EXCELOPTIONS subcommand added.


SAVE TRANSLATE OUTFILE='/data/sales.xlsx'