YRMODA function

YRMODA(arg list). Convert year, month, and day to a day number. The number returned is the number of days since October 14, 1582 (day 0 of the Gregorian calendar).

  • Arguments for YRMODA can be variables, constants, or any other type of numeric expression but must yield integers.
  • Year, month, and day must be specified in that order.
  • The first argument can be any year between 0 and 99, or between 1582 to 47516.
  • If the first argument yields a number between 00 and 99, 1900 through 1999 is assumed.
  • The month can range from 1 through 13. Month 13 with day 0 yields the last day of the year. For example, YRMODA(1990,13,0) produces the day number for December 31, 1990. Month 13 with any other day yields the day of the first month of the coming year--for example, YRMODA(1990,13,1) produces the day number for January 1, 1991.
  • The day can range from 0 through 31. Day 0 is the last day of the previous month regardless of whether it is 28, 29, 30, or 31. For example, YRMODA(1990,3,0) yields 148791.00, the day number for February 28, 1990.
  • The function returns the system-missing value if any of the three arguments is missing or if the arguments do not form a valid date after October 14, 1582.
  • Since YRMODA yields the number of days instead of seconds, you can not display it in date format unless you convert it to the number of seconds.