About IBM SPSS Modeler Text Analytics

IBM® SPSS® Modeler Text Analytics offers powerful text analytic capabilities, which use advanced linguistic technologies and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to rapidly process a large variety of unstructured text data and, from this text, extract and organize the key concepts. Furthermore, IBM SPSS Modeler Text Analytics can group these concepts into categories.

Around 80% of data held within an organization is in the form of text documents—for example, reports, Web pages, e-mails, and call center notes. Text is a key factor in enabling an organization to gain a better understanding of their customers’ behavior. A system that incorporates NLP can intelligently extract concepts, including compound phrases. Moreover, knowledge of the underlying language allows classification of terms into related groups, such as products, organizations, or people, using meaning and context. As a result, you can quickly determine the relevance of the information to your needs. These extracted concepts and categories can be combined with existing structured data, such as demographics, and applied to modeling in IBM SPSS Modeler's full suite of data mining tools to yield better and more-focused decisions.

Linguistic systems are knowledge sensitive—the more information contained in their dictionaries, the higher the quality of the results. IBM SPSS Modeler Text Analytics is delivered with a set of linguistic resources, such as dictionaries for terms and synonyms, libraries, and templates. This product further allows you to develop and refine these linguistic resources to your context. Fine-tuning of the linguistic resources is often an iterative process and is necessary for accurate concept retrieval and categorization. Custom templates, libraries, and dictionaries for specific domains, such as CRM and genomics, are also included.

Deployment. You can deploy text mining streams using the IBM SPSS Modeler Solution Publisher for real-time scoring of unstructured data. The ability to deploy these streams ensures successful, closed-loop text mining implementations. For example, your organization can now analyze scratch-pad notes from inbound or outbound callers by applying your predictive models to increase the accuracy of your marketing message in real time.

To run IBM SPSS Modeler Text Analytics with IBM SPSS Modeler Solution Publisher, add the directory <install_directory>/ext/bin/spss.TMWBServer to the $LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

Note: The Japanese adapter for IBM SPSS Modeler Text Analytics has been deprecated starting with version 18.1.