Deployment Overview

Deployment is the process of using your new insights to make improvements within your organization. This can mean a formal integration such as the implementation of a IBM® SPSS® Modeler model producing churn scores that are then read into a data warehouse. Alternatively, deployment can mean that you use the insights gained from data mining to elicit change in your organization. For example, perhaps you discovered alarming patterns in your data indicating a shift in behavior for customers over the age of 30. These results may not be formally integrated into your information systems, but they will undoubtedly be useful for planning and making marketing decisions.

In general, the deployment phase of CRISP-DM includes two types of activities:

  • Planning and monitoring the deployment of results
  • Completing wrap-up tasks such as producing a final report and conducting a project review

Depending on your organization's requirements, you may need to complete one or both of these steps.