Running streams

Once you specify the required options for streams and connect the required nodes, you can run the stream by running the data through nodes in the stream. There are several ways to run a stream within IBM® SPSS® Modeler. You can:

  • Click Run on the Tools menu.
  • Click one of the Run... buttons on the toolbar. These buttons allow you to run the entire stream or simply the selected terminal node. See the topic IBM SPSS Modeler Toolbar for more information.
  • Run a single data stream by right-clicking a terminal node and clicking Run on the pop-up menu.
  • Run part of a data stream by right-clicking any non-terminal node and clicking Run From Here on the pop-up menu. Doing so causes only those operations after the selected node to be performed.

To halt the running of a stream in progress, you can click the red Stop button on the toolbar, or click Stop Execution on the Tools menu.

If any stream takes longer than three seconds to run, the Execution Feedback dialog box is displayed to indicate the progress.

Some nodes have further displays giving additional information about stream execution. These are displayed by selecting the corresponding row in the dialog box. The first row is selected automatically.