Adding Comments and Annotations to Nodes and Streams

You may need to describe a stream to others in your organization. To help you do this, you can attach explanatory comments to streams, nodes and model nuggets.

Others can then view these comments on-screen, or you can print out an image of the stream that includes the comments.

You can list all the comments for a stream or SuperNode, change the order of comments in the list, edit the comment text, and change the foreground or background color of a comment. See the topic Listing Stream Comments for more information.

You can also add notes in the form of text annotations to streams, nodes and nuggets by means of the Annotations tab of a stream properties dialog box, a node dialog box, or a model nugget window. These notes are visible only when the Annotations tab is open, except that stream annotations can also be shown as on-screen comments. See the topic Annotations for more information.