Searching for objects in the repository

You can search for objects by name, folder, type, label, date, or other criteria.

Searching for objects by name

  1. On the IBM® SPSS® Modeler main menu click:

    Tools > Repository > Explore...

    1. Specify connection settings to the repository if necessary. See the topic Connecting to the Repository for more information. For specific port, password, and other connection details, contact your local system administrator.
  2. Click the Search tab.
  3. In the Search for objects named field, specify the name of the object you want to find.

When searching for objects by name, an asterisk (*) can be used as a wildcard character to match any string of characters, and a question mark (?) matches any single character. For example, *cluster* matches all objects that include the string cluster anywhere in the name. The search string m0?_* matches M01_cluster.str and M02_cluster.str but not M01a_cluster.str. Searches are not case sensitive (cluster matches Cluster matches CLUSTER).

Note: If the number of objects is large, searches may take a few moments.

Searching by other criteria

You can perform a search based on title, label, dates, author, keywords, indexed content, or description. Only objects that match all specified search criteria will be found. For example, you could locate all streams containing one or more clustering models that also have a specific label applied, and which were modified after a specific date.

Object Types. You can restrict the search to models, streams, outputs, nodes, SuperNodes, projects, model palettes, or other types of objects.

  • Models. You can search for models by category (classification, approximation, clustering, etc.) or by a specific modeling algorithm, such as Kohonen.

    You can also search by fields used—for example, all models that use a field named income as an input or output (target) field.

  • Streams. For streams, you can restrict the search by fields used, or model type (either category or algorithm) contained in the stream.

Topics. You can search on models associated with specific topics from a list set by repository users with the appropriate privileges (for more information, see the Deployment Manager User’s Guide). To obtain the list, check this box, then click the Add Topics button that is displayed, select one or more topics from the list and click OK.

Label. Restricts the search to specific object version labels.

Dates. You can specify a creation or modification date and search on objects before, after, or between the specified date range.

Author. Restricts the search to objects created by a specific user.

Keywords. Search on specific keywords. In IBM SPSS Modeler, keywords are specified on the Annotation tab for a stream, model, or output object.

Description. Search on specific terms in the description field. In IBM SPSS Modeler, the description is specified on the Annotation tab for a stream, model, or output object. Multiple search phrases can be separated by semicolons—for example, income; crop type; claim value. (Note that within a search phrase, spaces matter. For example, crop type with one space and crop type with two spaces are not the same.)