Viewing Folder Properties

To view properties for any folder in the repository window, right-click the required folder. Click Folder Properties.

General tab

This tab displays the folder name, creation, and modification dates.

Permissions tab

In this tab you specify read and write permissions for the folder. All users and groups with access to the parent folder are listed. Permissions follow a hierarchy. For example, if you do not have read permission, you cannot have write permission. If you do not have write permission, you cannot have delete permission.

Users And Groups. Lists the repository users and groups that have at least Read access to this folder. Select the Write and Delete check boxes to add those access rights for this folder to a particular user or group. Click the Add Users/Groups icon on the right side of the Permissions tab to assign access to additional users and groups. The list of available users and groups is controlled by the administrator.

Cascade Permissions. Choose an option to control how changes made to the current folder are applied to its child folders, if any.

  • Cascade all permissions. Cascades permission settings from the current folder to all child and descendant folders. This is a quick way to set permissions for several folders at once. Set permissions as required for the parent folder, and then cascade as required.
  • Cascade changes only. Cascades only changes made since the last time changes were applied. For example, if a new group has been added and you want to give it access to all folders under the Sales branch, you can give the group access to the root Sales folder and cascade the change to all subfolders. All other permissions to existing subfolders remain as before.
  • Do not cascade. Any changes made apply to the current folder only and do not cascade to child folders.