Viewing and Editing Object Properties

In the Object Properties dialog box you can view and edit properties. Although some properties cannot be changed, you can always update an object by adding a new version.

  1. In the repository window, right-click the required object.
  2. Click Object Properties.

General Tab

Name. The name of the object as viewed in the repository.

Created on. Date the object (not the version) was created.

Last modified. Date the most recent version was modified.

Author. The user's login name.

Description. By default, this contains the description specified on the object's Annotation tab in SPSS® Modeler.

Linked topics. The repository allows models and related objects to be organized by topics if required. The list of available topics is set by repository users with the appropriate privileges (for more information, see the Deployment Manager User’s Guide).

Keywords. You specify keywords on the Annotation tab for a stream, model, or output object. Multiple keywords should be separated by spaces, up to a maximum of 255 characters. (If keywords contain spaces, use quotation marks to separate them.)

Versions Tab

Objects stored in the repository may have multiple versions. The Versions tab displays information about each version.

The following properties can be specified or modified for specific versions of a stored object:

Version. Unique identifier for the version generated based on the time when the version was stored.

Label. Current label for the version, if any. Unlike the version identifier, labels can be moved from one version of an object to another.

The file size, creation date, and author are also displayed for each version.

Edit Labels. Click the Edit Labels icon at the top right of the Versions tab to define, apply or remove labels for stored objects. See the topic Managing Object Version Labels for more information.

Permissions Tab

On the Permissions tab you can set read and write permissions for the object. All users and groups with access to the current object are listed. Permissions follow a hierarchy. For example, if you do not have read permission, you cannot have write permission. If you do not have write permission, you cannot have delete permission.

Users And Groups. Lists the repository users and groups that have at least Read access to this object. Select the Write and Delete check boxes to add those access rights for this object to a particular user or group. Click the Add Users/Groups icon on the right side of the Permissions tab to assign access to additional users and groups. The list of available users and groups is controlled by the administrator.