Space prerequisites for MongoDB protection

Before you start backing up MongoDB data, ensure that you have enough free space on the target and source hosts, and in the vSnap repository. Extra space is required to store temporary Logical Volume Manager (LVM) backups of logical volumes where the MongoDB data is located. These temporary backups, that are known as LVM snapshots, are created automatically by the MongoDB agent.

LVM snapshots

LVM snapshots are point-in-time copies of LVM logical volumes. After the file copy operation finishes, earlier LVM snapshots are removed by the IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus MongoDB agent in a cleanup operation.

For each LVM snapshot logical volume, you must allocate at least 10 percent free space in the volume group. If there is enough free space in the volume group, the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus MongoDB agent reserves up to 25 percent of the source logical volume size for the snapshot logical volume.