Adding a vCenter Server instance

When a vCenter Server instance is added to IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus, an inventory of the instance is captured, enabling you to complete backup and restore jobs, as well as run reports.


To add a vCenter Server instance, complete the following steps:

  1. In the navigation panel, click Manage Protection > Virtualized Systems > VMware.
  2. Click Manage vCenter.
  3. Click Add vCenter.
  4. Populate the fields in the vCenter Properties section:
    Enter the resolvable IP address or a resolvable path and machine name.
    Use existing user
    Enable to select a previously entered user name and password for the vCenter Server instance.
    Enter your user name for the vCenter Server instance.
    Enter your password for the vCenter Server instance.
    Enter the communications port of the vCenter Server instance. Select the Use TLS check box to enable an encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection. The typical default port is 80 for non TLS connections or 443 for TLS connections.
  5. In the Options section, configure the following option:
    Maximum number of VMs to process concurrently per ESX server and per SLA
    Set the maximum number of concurrent VM snapshots to process on the ESX server. The default setting is 3.
  6. Click Save. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus confirms a network connection, adds the vCenter Server instance to the database, and then catalogs the instance.
    If a message appears indicating that the connection is unsuccessful, review your entries. If your entries are correct and the connection is unsuccessful, contact a network administrator to review the connections.

What to do next

After you add a vCenter Server instance, complete the following action:
Action How to
Assign user permissions to the hypervisor. See Creating a role.