Installing a second instance of Velero

You cannot complete the installation of a second instance of Velero if you are installing it in another namespace within the same cluster. When you attempt to install a second instance of Velero for namespace-scoped and cluster-scoped protection, a message indicates that the clusterrolebinding parameter already exists. To work around this issue, you can patch the clusterrolebinding parameter with a new service account for each version of Velero that is added to any namespace.


To enable the installation of a second version of Velero, change to the directory where Velero was initially installed and run teh following command.
kubectl patch clusterrolebinding velero -p '{"subjects":[\
{"kind": "ServiceAccount", "name": "velero", "namespace": "<1st velero namespace>"},\
{"kind": "ServiceAccount", "name": "velero", "namespace": "<2nd velero namespace>"}]}

What to do next

When you install additional Velero packages in the cluster, repeat the steps in the procedure to complete the installation.