Installing and configuring Velero by using the OADP Operator

To protect OpenShift® cluster-scoped resources and namespace-scoped resources, you must use the OpenShift APIs for Data Protection (OADP) operator to install and configure the Velero tool in a dedicated namespace. The suggested name for the IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus Velero namespace is spp-velero.

Before you begin

If you installed an instance of Velero in the cluster for another purpose, you must install another instance of Velero for IBM Spectrum Protect Plus. Follow the instructions in Installing a second instance of Velero.

Download the OADP operator from the Operator Hub.

About this task

Tip: The term namespace is used to refer to Red Hat® OpenShift project.


  1. Create an empty namespace called spp-velero.
  2. Create a secret file with the following content:
    The secret file does not need to have a user ID or a password, the fields can remain empty and unspecified.
  3. Create a secret from the secret file that was created in the previous step by entering the following command:
    oc create secret generic cloud-credentials 
    --namespace spp-velero 
    --from-file cloud=<path_to_secret_file>
  4. Install the OADP Operator. When prompted, change the default namespace name from oadp-operator to spp-velero.
  5. In the OADP Operator, click Create Instance to create a Velero custom resource (CR).
    Click Create to continue.
  6. Edit the YAML file with the following details:
    kind: Velero
      name: spp-velero
      namespace: spp-velero
        - aws
        - openshift
      enable_restic: false
      olm_managed: true
      use_upstream_images: false
          cpu: '1'
          memory: 512Mi
          cpu: 500m
          memory: 256Mi
  7. Run an inventory so that the Velero instance is detected.

    During the inventory operation, the BackupStorageLocation that connects to the BaaS MinIO data mover is created automatically.