Installing Helm 3 and renaming the binary file

The installation process for Container Backup Support uses a Helm 3 chart. The installation script that is provided with the installation package requires that the Helm 3 binary file is renamed to helm3.

About this task

Helm 3 is an application package manager that runs on Kubernetes or OpenShift®. Helm is designed to simplify the definition, storage, and management of applications.


  1. Ensure that Helm 3 is installed on the host that is managing your cluster by issuing the following command:
    helm version --short
    If Helm 3 is installed, the output will display the Helm version.
  2. If Helm 3 is installed, copy or rename the helm binary file in the /usr/local/bin directory to helm3.
  3. If Helm 3 is not installed, you must install Helm 3 and rename the helm binary file to helm3 because the Container Backup Support scripts use helm3 as the binary name. The following steps include actions to rename the existing version of the Helm binary so that it can coexist with the Helm 3 binary:
    1. Verify whether an existing helm binary file (for example, for Helm 2) is installed in the /usr/local/bin directory. If so, rename the helm binary file to helm2.
    2. Issue the following commands to download Helm 3 and rename the helm binary file to helm3:
      curl -fsSL -o
      chmod 700
      sudo mv /usr/local/bin/helm /usr/local/bin/helm3
    3. In the /usr/local/bin directory, rename the helm2 binary back to helm.