Installing and managing vSnap servers

Every installation of IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus requires at least one vSnap server, which is the primary backup destination.

In larger enterprise environments, additional vSnap servers might be required. For guidance about sizing, building, and placing vSnap servers and other components in your IBM Spectrum Protect Plus environment, see the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Blueprints.

Additional vSnap servers can be installed on either virtual or physical appliances any time after the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus virtual appliance is deployed. After deployment, some registration and configuration steps are required for these stand-alone vSnap servers.

The process for setting up a stand-alone vSnap server is as follows:
  1. Install the vSnap server.
  2. Add the vSnap server as Disk Storage in IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.
  3. Initialize the system and create a storage pool.