After you successfully add your IBM® Db2 instances to IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus, you can start to protect your Db2 data. Create service level agreements (SLA) policies to back up and maintain Db2 data.

Ensure that your Db2 environment meets the system requirements. For more information, see Db2 requirements.

Tip: If your Db2 data is stored in a multi-partitioned environment with multiple hosts, you can protect your Db2 data across each host. Each host in the multi-partitioned environment must be added to IBM Spectrum Protect Plus so that all instances and databases are detected for protection. For more information, see Adding a Db2 application server.

The IP address must be reachable from the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus server and from the vSnap server. Both must have a Windows Remote Management service that is listening on port 5985.

The fully qualified domain name must be resolvable and routable from the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus appliance server and from the vSnap server.