Installing a vSnap server

When you deploy an IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus appliance, a vSnap server is automatically installed. You must have at least one vSnap server installed as part of your IBM Spectrum Protect Plus environment. This server is the primary backup destination. In larger enterprise environments, additional vSnap servers might be required. The Blueprints will help you determine how many vSnap servers are required.

Before you begin

Complete the following steps:
  1. Review the vSnap system requirements in Component requirements.
  2. Download the installation package. Different installation files are provided for installation on physical or virtual machines. Ensure that you download the correct files for your environment. For more information about downloading files and other useful information, see the following support page
Note: The IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and vSnap appliance is a closed system and anti-virus (AV) installation is not supported on virtual or physical deployments.
Important: IBM Spectrum Protect Plus components, including vSnap, should not be installed on the same machine, physical or virtual, as IBM Spectrum Protect Server.