Adding an SQL Server application server

When an SQL Server application server is added, an inventory of the instances and databases that are associated with the application server is captured and added to IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus. This process enables you to complete backup and restore jobs, as well as run reports.


Restriction: You can assign only one application server or file server per host. For example, if you register a host as a Microsoft Windows file system, you cannot register the same host as a Microsoft SQL Server or a Microsoft Exchange Server.
To add an SQL Server host, complete the following steps.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Manage Protection > Databases > SQL.
  2. Click Manage Application Servers.
  3. Click Add Application Server.
  4. Populate the fields in the Application Properties pane:

    Host Address

    Enter the resolvable IP address or a resolvable path and machine name.

    Use existing user

    Enable to select a previously entered user name and password for the provider.


    Enter your user name for the provider. The user identity follows the default domain\name format if the virtual machine is attached to a domain. The format local _administrator is used if the user is a local administrator.

    For Kerberos-based authentication only, the user identity must be specified in the username@FQDN format. The user name must be able to authenticate using the registered password to obtain a ticket-granting ticket (TGT) from the key distribution center (KDC) on the domain that is specified by the fully qualified domain name.


    Enter your password for the provider.

    Maximum concurrent databases

    Set the maximum number of databases to back up concurrently on the server. Server performance is impacted when backing up a large number of databases concurrently, as each database utilizes multiple threads and consumes bandwidth when copying data. Use this option to control the impact on server resources and minimize the impact on production operations.

  5. Click Save. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus confirms a network connection, adds the application server to the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus database, and then catalogs the instance.
    If a message appears indicating that the connection is unsuccessful, review your entries. If your entries are correct and the connection is unsuccessful, contact a system administrator to review the connections.

What to do next

After you add the SQL Server application server, complete the following action:
Action How to
Assign user permissions to the application server. See Creating a role.