Product components

The IBM Spectrum® Protect Plus solution is provided as a self-contained virtual appliance that includes storage and data movement components.

Sizing component requirements: Some environments might require more instances of these components to support greater workloads. For guidance about sizing, building, and integrating components in your IBM Spectrum Protect Plus environment, see the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Blueprints.
The following are the base components of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus:
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus server
This component manages the entire system. The server consists of several catalogs that track various system aspects such as restore points, configuration, permissions, and customizations. Typically, there is one IBM Spectrum Protect Plus service in a deployment, even if the deployment is spread across multiple locations.
The IBM Spectrum Protect Plus server contains an onboard vSnap server and VMware vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP) proxy server. For smaller backup environments, these servers might be sufficient. However, for larger environments, more servers might be required.
The onboard vSnap server can be used to back up and restore a small number of virtual machines and evaluate IBM Spectrum Protect Plus operations. As your requirements for backing up and restoring data grow, your vSnap storage can be expanded by adding external vSnap servers. By adding external vSnap servers to your environment, you can reduce the load on the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus appliance.
This component is an IBM Spectrum Protect Plus policy construct that is used to manage data placement in the environment. A site can be physical, such as a data center, or logical, such as a department or organization. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus components are assigned to sites to localize and optimize data paths. A deployment always has at least one site per physical location. The preferred method is to localize data movement to sites by placing vSnap servers and VADP proxies together at a single site. The placement of backup data to a site is governed by service level agreement (SLA) policies.
vSnap server
This component is a pool of disk storage that receives data from production systems for the purposes of data protection or reuse. The vSnap server consists of one or more disks and can be scaled up (adding disks to increase capacity) or scaled out (introducing multiple vSnap servers to increase overall performance). Each site can include one or more vSnap servers.
vSnap pool
This component is the logical organization of disks into a pool of storage space, which is used by the vSnap server component. This component is also referred to as a storage pool.
VADP proxy
This component is responsible for moving data from vSphere data stores to provide protection for VMware virtual machines and is required only for protection of VMware resources. Each site can include one or more VADP proxies.

User interfaces

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus provides the following interfaces for configuration, administrative, and monitoring tasks:

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus user interface
The IBM Spectrum Protect Plus user interface is the primary interface for configuring, administering, and monitoring data protection operations.
A key component of the interface is the dashboard, which provides summary information about the health of your environment. For more information about the dashboard, see Product dashboard.
The menu bar in the user interface contains the following items:
Item Description
IBM Spectrum Protect icon
the operations center icon
This icon opens IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Center to provide expanded data protection. This icon is active only when the URL is entered in the IBM Spectrum Protect Operations Center URL preference field on the Global Preferences page. For information about this preference, see Configuring global preferences.
Alerts icon
the alerts icon
This icon opens the Alerts window. For more information about alerts, see Alerts.
Help icon
the help icon
This icon opens the online help system.
User menu This menu shows the name of the user who is logged on. The menu provides access to product information and documentation, logs, and the user sign out option.
Restriction: The IBM Spectrum Protect Plus product does not follow ICU collation sorting for menus, therefore, the ordering of menus will appear in code point order. For example, some languages sort letters differently from code point order. As such, the sorted order of characters and words as they appear in menus when using these languages will appear out of expected order.
vSnap command-line interface
The vSnap command-line interface is a secondary interface for administering some data protection tasks. Run the vsnap command to access the command line interface. The command can be invoked by the user ID serveradmin or any other operating system user who has vSnap admin privileges.
Administrative console
The administrative console is used to install software patches and updates and to complete other administrative tasks such as managing security certificates, starting and stopping IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, and changing the time zone for the application.

Example deployment

The following figure shows IBM Spectrum Protect Plus deployed in two active locations. Each location has inventory that requires protection. Location 1 has a vCenter server and two vSphere datacenters (and an inventory of virtual machines) and Location 2 has a single datacenter (and a smaller inventory of virtual machines).

The IBM Spectrum Protect Plus server is deployed in only one of the sites. VADP proxies and vSnap servers (with their corresponding disks) are deployed in each site to localize data movement in the context of the protected vSphere resources.

Bidirectional replication is configured to take place between the vSnap servers at the two sites.

Figure 1. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus deployment across two geographical locations
This figure depicts IBM Spectrum Protect Plus components in two locations