Defining a service level agreement backup job

After your Db2® databases are listed for each of your Db2 instances, select and apply a service level agreement (SLA) policy to start protecting your data.


  1. From the navigation menu, expand Manage Protection > Applications > Db2.
  2. Select a Db2 instance to back up all the data in that instance, or click the instance name to view the databases available for backing up. You can then select individual databases in the Db2 instance that you want to back up.
    You can back up an entire instance with all of its associated data, or back up one or more databases.
    Figure 1. Db2 Backup pane showing instances
    Backup instances
    Figure 2. Db2 Backup pane showing databases in an instance
    Backup instance or database
  3. Click Select SLA Policy and select an SLA policy: Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Save your choice.

    The predefined Gold, Silver, and Bronze policies have different frequencies and retention rates. You can create a custom SLA policy or edit an existing policy by navigating to Policy Overview > SLA Policies.

  4. Click Select Options to define options for your backup, such as enabling log backups for future recovery options, and specifying the parallel streams to reduce the time that is required to back up large databases. Save your changes.
    Figure 3. Backup options and SLA policies
    Backup options
  5. Configure the SLA policy by clicking the icon in the Policy Options column of the SLA Policy Status table.

    To read about more SLA configuration options, see Setting SLA configuration options for a backup job.

  6. To run the policy outside of the scheduled job, select the instance or database. Click Actions and select Start.

    The status changes to Running for your chosen SLA and you can follow the progress of the job in the job log shown.

    Figure 4. SLA policies
    Start SLA backup job
    Tip: When the job for the selected SLA policy runs, all resources that are associated with that SLA policy are included in the backup operation. To back up only selected resources, you can run an on-demand job. An on-demand job runs the backup operation immediately.
    • To run an on-demand backup job for a single resource, select the resource and click Run. If the resource is not associated with an SLA policy, the Run button is not available.
    • To run an on-demand backup job for one or more resources, click Create job, select Ad hoc backup, and follow the instructions in Running an ad hoc backup job.
    To pause the schedule of an SLA, click Actions and choose Pause Schedule.
    To cancel a job after it has started, click Actions > Cancel.