Updating VADP proxies

Updating the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus virtual appliance automatically updates all the VADP proxies that are associated with the virtual appliance. In rare scenarios such as loss of network connectivity, you must update the VADP proxy manually.

Before you begin

Before you begin, ensure that you have backed up your IBM Spectrum Protect Plus environment as described in Backing up the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus application.


If a VADP proxy update is available for external proxies during a restart of the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus virtual appliance, the update will be automatically applied to any VADP proxy associated with an identity. To associate a VADP proxy with an identity, navigate to System Configuration > VADP Proxy. Click the options icon the options icon and select Set Options. Through the User setting, select a previously entered username and password for the VADP proxy server.

To update a VADP proxy manually, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the System Configuration > VADP Proxy page in IBM Spectrum Protect Plus.
  2. The VADP Proxy page displays each proxy server. If a newer version of the VADP proxy software is available, an update icon the update icon displays in the Status field.
  3. Ensure that there are no active jobs that use the proxy, and then click the update icon the update icon.
    The proxy server enters a suspended state and installs the latest update. When the update completes, the VADP proxy server automatically resumes and enters an enabled state.
If you are attempting to update as a non-root user, special instructions will need to be followed in order to push-install or push-update a VADP proxy.
  1. Create a file in the /etc/sudoers.d/ directory.
    sudo cd /etc/sudoers.d/
  2. Write the text to the file and save it by pressing CTRL+D on the keyboard when done.
    sudo cat > 99-vadpuser
         Defaults !requiretty
         vadpuser ALL=NOPASSWD: /tmp/cdm_guestapps_vadpuser/runcommand.sh
    <<Press CTRL+D>>
  3. Set the appropriate permissions on the file.
    sudo chmod 0440 99-vadpuser

What to do next

After you update the VADP proxies, complete the following action:
Action How to
Run the VMware backup job.

See Backing up VMware data.

The proxies are indicated in the job log by a log message similar to the following text:

Run remote vmdkbackup of MicroService: http://<proxy

nodename, IP:proxy_IP_address