Adding Amazon S3 cloud storage as a backup storage provider

Add Amazon S3 cloud storage to enable IBM Spectrum Protect Plus to offload data to S3.

Before you begin

Configure the key that is required for the cloud object. For instructions, see Adding an access key.

Ensure that there are cloud storage buckets created for the IBM Spectrum Protect Plus data before you add the cloud storage in the following steps. For information how to create buckets, see Amazon Simple Storage Service Documentation.


To add Amazon S3 cloud storage as backup storage provider, complete the following steps:

  1. In the navigation menu, click System Configuration > Backup Storage > Cloud.
  2. Click Add Cloud.
  3. From the Provider list, select Amazon S3.
  4. Complete the fields in the Cloud Registration pane:
    Enter a meaningful name to help identify the cloud storage.
    Select the Amazon Web Services (AWS) regional endpoint of the cloud storage.
    Use existing key
    Enable to select a previously entered key for the storage, and then select the key from the Select a key list.
    If you do not select this option, complete the following fields to add a key:
    Key name
    Enter a meaningful name to help to identify the key.
    Access key
    Enter the AWS access key. Access keys are created through the AWS Management Console.
    Secret key
    Enter the AWS secret key. Secret keys are created through the AWS Management Console.
  5. Click Get Buckets, and then select a bucket to serve as the offload target.
  6. Click Register.
    The cloud storage is added to the cloud servers table.

What to do next

After you add the S3 storage, complete the following action:
Action How to
Associate the cloud storage with the SLA policy that is used for the backup job. To create an SLA policy, see Creating an SLA policy.

To modify an existing SLA policy, see Editing an SLA policy.