Managing SLA policies for backup operations

Backup policies, which are also referred to as service level agreement (SLA) policies, define parameters that are applied to backup jobs. These parameters include the frequency and retention of backups and the option to offload backup data.

The following default SLA policies are available. Each policy specifies a frequency and retention period for the backup. You can use these policies as they are or modify them. You can also create custom SLA policies.
This policy runs every 4 hours with a retention period of 1 week.
This policy runs daily with a retention period of 1 month.
This policy runs daily with a retention period of 1 week.

To view and manage backup policies and to monitor the virtual machines and databases that are protected by policies, click Manage Protection > Policy Overview in the navigation pane.

If you edit an existing SLA policy by changing the cloud offload source, offload destination type, or target offload server options, associated jobs will start a full base backup, not an incremental backup, during the next job run.