UIM pages and views reference

This reference information describes the PAGE and VIEW elements and all of the child elements that they can contain with the exception of WIDGET elements.

Most elements have a list of attributes that can be used in any order. Some attributes are optional and have default values when omitted. Others can have one of a range of values. Boolean attributes can only have the values true and false (case-sensitive).

Many elements can have child elements and these are listed in the order in which they must be added and include details on their cardinality. Cardinalities use 0 to indicate that the element is optional, 1 to indicate that it can appear only once, and n to indicate that it can be appear any number of times. The .. indicates the range of the cardinality. For example, 0..1 indicates that the element can appear zero or one times in this location, i.e., it is optional, while 1..n indicates that an element must appear at least once, but can appear any number of times thereafter.