Rich Text Editor

Enter formatted text information in the Rich Text Editor by using a keyboard and screen reader by placing focus on the Rich Text Editor toolbar.

About this task

The Rich Text Editor that is used in the Cúram application enables users to enter, format, and style text. By default focus is given to the text area in the editor that allows users to enter unformatted text information. To enter formatted text information a user must gain access to the Rich Text Editor's toolbar. To complete this task by using a keyboard or a screen reader (or a combination of both), a user can perform the following steps:


  1. Give focus to the Rich Text Editor's text area by using the TAB key.
  2. Press ALT + F10 to give focus to the toolbar.
  3. A user can now navigate through the options in the toolbar by using the TAB key or the ARROW keys.
  4. To select an option in the toolbar a user can press the ENTER key. Following this selection focus is automatically brought back to the text area.
  5. To exit the toolbar without making a toolbar selection a user can press the ESC key.