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Use the vmprocessvmwithphysdisks option to control whether Hyper-V RCT virtual machine (VM) backups are processed if the VM has one or more physical disks (pass-through disks) provisioned.

A VM can access the storage on a physical disk that is connected directly to the Hyper-V server. This physical disk is called a pass-through disk.

When you set this option to yes, the data on any physical disks is excluded from backup operations, but the configuration information for the physical disks is saved with the VM backup. During a restore operation, you can restore the physical disk configuration by setting the vmskipphysdisks no option. If the original physical disks are available, they are reconnected to the restored VM.

This option is valid only for RCT backups on Windows Server 2016. This option does not apply to Hyper-V VSS backups on Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2012 R2.

Supported Clients

This option is valid for clients on Windows Server 2016 or later operating systems.

Options File

Place this option in the client options file (dsm.opt) or specify it as a command-line parameter on the backup vm command.


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The backup operation of the VM fails if one or more physical disks are detected. This value is the default.
VMs that contain one or more physical disks are backed up. This option backs up the physical disk configuration without backing up the data on the physical disks.


Options file:
Command line:
dsmc backup vm vmlocal -vmprocessvmwithphysd=yes