Updating equity data to calculate Value at Risk

The Value at Risk (VaR) simulation uses sample data for its equity portfolio. You can customize this portfolio by adding or removing equities or by changing equity data for your simulation.


  1. Access the VaR simulation sample (for example) at https://Host_M:8443/demo, where Host_M is the fully qualified name of the cluster management console host.
  2. In the Value at Risk (VaR) Simulation Sample window, click Export Equity Information.
  3. When prompted, save the equity.json file to a local directory.
  4. Use any JSON editor to modify existing equity values, remove existing equities, or add new equities. Ensure that your updates follow JSON syntax rules.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. From the cluster management console, click Upload Equity Information.
  7. Browse to the modified equity.json file and click Yes.


The new equity information is added to the system.

What to do next

Calculate VaR with the new equity data. See Calculating Value at Risk.