Installing IBM Spectrum Scale on Windows nodes

There are several steps for installing GPFS on Windows nodes. The information in this topic points you to the detailed steps.

Do not install GPFS unless you have the prerequisites listed in Hardware requirements and Software requirements.

To install GPFS for Windows, first configure your Windows systems as described in Installing GPFS prerequisites. This includes steps such as joining an Active Directory domain and installing Cygwin from the Cygwin website (, which provides a UNIX-like environment on Windows. GPFS installation is simple once the prerequisites are completed. Finally, if your system will be part of a cluster that includes UNIX nodes, follow the steps described in Configuring a mixed Windows and UNIX cluster. This includes creating the GPFS Administration service, installing OpenSSH, and other requirements. Complete this process before performing configuration steps common to all GPFS supported platforms.

Note: Throughout this information, UNIX file name conventions are used. For example, the GPFS cluster configuration data is stored in the /var/mmfs/gen/mmsdrfs file. On Windows, the UNIX namespace starts under the Cygwin installation directory, which by default is %SystemDrive%\cygwin64, so the GPFS cluster configuration data is stored in the C:\cygwin64\var\mmfs\gen\mmsdrfs file.