AFM-based Disaster Recovery

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Table 1. Links to various AFM-based DR help topics
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About AFM-based Disaster Recovery AFM-based Asynchronous Disaster Recovery (AFM DR)
Introduction to AFM-based Disaster Recovery Introduction
Recovery time objective (RTO) Recovery time objective (RTO)
Modes and concepts Modes and concepts
Features of AFM-based Disaster Recovery
  • RPO snapshots
  • Failover to the secondary site
  • Failing back to the old primary site
  • Failing back to the new primary site
  • Changing the secondary site
AFM-based Asynchronous Disaster Recovery features
AFM-based DR limitations AFM DR Limitations
To know how to plan for AFM DR
  • Requirements for UID/GID on primary and secondary clusters
  • Recommended worker1threads on primary cluster
  • NFS setup on the secondary cluster
Planning for AFM DR
To know how to install AFM-based DR Installing and upgrading AFM-based Disaster Recovery
To know how to upgrade AFM-based DR Upgrading AFM and AFM DR
To know how to configure AFM-based DR
  • Configuration parameters for AFM-based DR
  • Parallel I/O configuration parameters for AFM-based DR
  • Changing configuration in an existing AFM DR relationship
Configuring AFM-based DR
To know how to tune for NFS backend Tuning for Kernel NFS backend on AFM and AFM DR
To know how to monitor AFM-based DR filesets
  • Fileset states for AFM DR
  • Monitor with mmhealth
  • Callback events for AFM DR
  • Commands for monitoring AFM and AFM DR
  • Monitor with mmperfmon
  • Monitor prefetch
  • Monitor with mmdiag
  • Policies used for monitoring AFM DR
  • Monitor using GUI
Monitoring AFM and AFM DR
To know how to administer AFM DR
  • Creating an AFM-based DR relationship using NFS protocol
  • Converting GPFS filesets to AFM DR
  • Converting AFM relationship to AFM DR
Administering AFM DR
Common questions with their resolutions AFM DR issues
To know how AFM-based DR is deployed effectively (Use cases) AFM-based Disaster Recovery

mmafmctl command

mmafmlocal command

mmafmconfig command