Active File Management (AFM)

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Table 1. Links to various AFM help topics
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Introduction to Active File Management Introduction to Active File Management (AFM)
An overview of AFM and description of the concepts
  • Cache and Home
  • Communication between cache and home
  • The backend protocol - NFS versus NSD
  • Primary gateway
  • Global namespace
  • Caching modes
  • Revalidation
  • Cached and uncached files
  • Asynchronous delay
  • Synchronous or asynchronous operations
  • Operations with AFM modes
  • Fileset to the same home target
  • Conversion of mode
  • Internal AFM Directories
Overview and concepts
Features of AFM
  • Force flushing contents before Async Delay
  • Parallel data transfers
  • Partial file caching
  • Prefetch
  • Peer snapshot -psnap
  • Gateway node failure and recovery
  • Cache eviction
  • Operation with disconnected home
  • Expiring a disconnected RO cache
  • Viewing snapshots at home
  • Failover
  • Resync on SW filesets
  • Using IBM Spectrum Protect™ for Space Management (HSM)
  • Handling IW cache disaster
  • Disabling AFM
  • Using AFM with encryption
  • Using mmbackup
Active File Management (AFM) features
AFM limitations AFM Limitations
To know how to install AFM
  • Installation and upgrade of Active File Management (AFM)
  • Requirements for UID and GID on the cache and home clusters
  • Recommended worker1threads on cache cluster
  • Inode limits to set at cache and home
  • Creating an AFM relationship by using the NFS protocol
  • Creating an AFM relationship by using GPFS protocol
  • Configuration changes in an existing AFM relationship
Installing Active File Management
To know how to configure AFM
  • Configuration parameters for AFM
  • Parallel I/O configuration parameters for AFM
Configuring Active File Management
To know how to tune for NFS backend Tuning for Kernel NFS backend on AFM and AFM DR
To know how to monitor AFM filesets
  • Fileset states for AFM
  • Monitor with mmhealth
  • Callback events for AFM
  • Commands for monitoring AFM and AFM DR
  • Monitor with mmperfmon
  • Monitor prefetch
  • Monitor with mmdiag
  • Policies used for monitoring AFM
  • Monitor using GUI
Monitoring AFM and AFM DR
Common questions with their resolutions AFM issues
To know how AFM is deployed effectively (Use cases) Active File Management (AFM)

mmafmctl command

mmafmlocal command

mmafmconfig command