Command line for HDFS transparency

You can use the HDFS shell command line with the HDFS transparency.

You can access commands from the HDFS command shell:
Usage: hdfs [--config confdir] COMMAND
       where COMMAND is one of:
dfs                     run a filesystem command on the file systems supported in Hadoop.
namenode -format      format the DFS filesystem
secondarynamenode     run the DFS secondary namenode
namenode              run the DFS namenode
journalnode           run the DFS journalnode
zkfc                  run the ZK Failover Controller daemon
datanode              run a DFS datanode
dfsadmin              run a DFS admin client
haadmin               run a DFS HA admin client
fsck                  run a DFS filesystem checking utility
balancer              run a cluster balancing utility
jmxget                get JMX exported values from NameNode or DataNode.
mover                 run a utility to move block replicas across
                      storage types
oiv                   apply the offline fsimage viewer to an fsimage
oiv_legacy            apply the offline fsimage viewer to an legacy
oev                  apply the offline edits viewer to an edits file
fetchdt              fetch a delegation token from the NameNode
getconf              get config values from configuration
groups               get the groups which users belong to
snapshotDiff         diff two snapshots of a directory or diff the                   
                     current directory contents with a snapshot
lsSnapshottableDir   list all snapshottable dirs owned by the current user                                             
                     Use -help to see options
portmap              run a portmap service
nfs3                 run an NFS version 3 gateway
cacheadmin           configure the HDFS cache
crypto               configure HDFS encryption zones
storagepolicies      list/get/set block storage policies
version              print the version
Most commands print help when invoked without parameters.
Note: All commands from hdfs dfs are supported (hdfs dfs -du and hdfs dfs -df are not exact in the output, use du or df/mmdf for exact output). Other commands from HDFS interface are not supported (For example, hdfs namenode –format) because these commands are not needed for IBM Spectrum Scale™.