Transparent Cloud Tiering

Transparent Cloud Tiering is a separately installable feature of IBM Spectrum Scale™ that provides a native cloud storage tier. It allows data center administrators to free up on-premise storage capacity, by moving out cooler data to the cloud storage. This helps to reduce capital and operational expenditures. The Transparent Cloud Tiering feature uses the existing ILM policy query language semantics. The system administrators can define policies to tier data to a cloud storage.

On an IBM Spectrum Scale cluster with multiple storage tiers configured, this external cloud storage can be used as the cooler storage tier to store infrequently accessed data from a cool storage pool. Because of performance reasons, it is recommended not to move any active or hot data to this external storage pool, as it drives excessive data traffic that results in delays and application timeouts.

The following are the core functions of the Transparent Cloud Tiering service:
  • Migrate: Migrates the specified files or filesets to the cloud storage tier.
  • Recall: Recalls the specified files or filesets from the cloud storage tier.
  • Remove: Deletes the cloud storage tier.

The Transparent Cloud Tiering page gives performance and health details of the Transparent Cloud Tiering service, which is integrated with the IBM Spectrum Scale system.

The Overview tab displays the aggregated data of all file systems and nodes that are associated with a particular cloud provider. The Events tab displays events that are associated with the Transparent Cloud Tiering service.

You can select either line chart or bar chart to display the details. The line chart shows an average rate, whereas the bar chart shows aggregated data. For example, the aggregate view allows administrators to see how much data was transferred in one day.