Displaying GPFS™ disk states

You can display the current state of one or more disks in your file system by issuing the mmlsdisk command.

The information includes parameters that were specified on the mmcrfs command, and the current availability and status of the disks. For example, to display the current status of the disk hd8vsdn100 in the file system fs1, enter:
mmlsdisk fs1 -d hd8vsdn100
Status is displayed in a format similar to:
disk         driver   sector failure holds    holds                            storage
name         type       size   group metadata data  status        availability pool
------------ -------- ------ ------- -------- ----- ------------- ------------ ------------
hd8vsdn100   nsd         512       1 no       yes   ready         up           sp1

For syntax and usage information, see mmlsdisk command.