Install Mpack package

This topic lists the steps to install the management pack.

Note: Before you proceed, ensure that you review the Support Matrix section to download the correct package for your environment.
  1. Ensure that the management pack, IBM Spectrum Scale service (Mpack), is downloaded and unzipped into a local directory on the Ambari server node. This example uses the /root/GPFS_Ambari directory.
    $ cd /root/GPFS_Ambari
    $ tar -xvzf SpectrumScaleMPack-2.7.X.X.noarch.tar.gz
  2. Stop all services:

    Log in to Ambari. Click Actions > Stop All.

  3. On the Ambari server node, as root Install the Management Pack for IBM Spectrum® Scale by running the SpectrumScaleIntegrationPackageInstaller-2.7.X.X.bin executable:
    Note: The Management Pack can only be executed as root.
    • On the Ambari server node, run cd /root/GPFS_Ambari to enter the directory.
    • Run the installer bin to accept the license. The Mpack will be automatically generated and installed on the Ambari server, and the Ambari server will be restarted after the executable completes.
      $ cd /root/GPFS_Ambari
      $ ./SpectrumScaleIntegrationPackageInstaller-
      If you want the installer to automatically accept the license, run the installer bin as follows:
      $ cd /root/GPFS_Ambari
      $ ./SpectrumScaleIntegrationPackageInstaller- --accept-licence

      This will run the Installer non-interactively. This may be useful to users who might want to automate the Mpack installation.

    Ensure that you know the input values before running the installer script.
    Input fields:
    • Ambari server port number: The port that was set up during the Ambari installation.
    • Ambari server IP address: The Ambari server IP address used during Ambari installation. If a node has multiple networks, specifying the IP address guarantees that the address is used.
    • Ambari server username: The Ambari server admin user name.
    • Ambari server password: The Ambari server admin user password.
    • Kerberos settings:
      • Enter kdc principal: The kdc server principal if Kerberos is enabled
      • Enter kdc password: The kdc password if Kerberos is enabled

      The Mpack does not save the KDC principal and password. The information is used only for validation checking to ensure that one can connect and authenticate with the Kerberos server. If the validation fails, the user is notified using a warning message and the Mpack continues to setup the add Scale service option. The failure does not affect the adding of the Scale service option.

    Note: This script automatically restarts the Ambari server.

    To complete this installation, Deploy the IBM Spectrum Scale service in Ambari GUI.