Database options

You can use server options to control some aspects of database processing.

Table 1. Database options
Option Description
ACTIVELOGDIRECTORY The new directory for the location where the active log is stored. Use this option to change the location of the active log.
ACTIVELOGSIZE The maximum size of the active log.
ALLOWREORGINDEX Server-initiated index reorganization.
ALLOWREORGTABLE Server-initiated table reorganization.
ARCHLOGDIRECTORY The directory that the database manager can archive a log file into after all the transactions represented in that log file are completed.
ARCHFAILOVERLOGDIRECTORY The directory in which the server tries to store archive log files that cannot be stored in the archive log directory.
DBDIAGLOGSIZE The maximum size of the database manager diagnostic log files.
DBDIAGPATHFSTHRESHOLD The threshold for free space on the file system or disk that contains the database manager diagnostic log files.
DBMEMPERCENT The percentage of system memory that is dedicated to the database.
DISABLEREORGTABLE Disables table reorganization for specific tables.
FSUSEDTHRESHOLD The percentage of the file system that can be used by the database before an alert message is issued.
MIRRORLOGDIRECTORY The directory for mirroring the active log path.
REORGBEGINTIME The earliest time that the IBM Spectrum Protect server can start a table or index reorganization.
REORGDURATION The interval during which server-initiated table or index reorganization can start.