Operations Center updates

New features are available in IBM Spectrum Protect™ Operations Center Version 8.1.5.

The following new features are available:
  • Security notifications for potential ransomware attacks. After every client backup session, statistics are analyzed for signs of ransomware infection. If signs are present, a warning message is displayed in the Operations Center. You can use the new Security Notifications page to view details for each security notification. This information helps you determine whether the client is infected with ransomware or if the notification is a false positive.
  • Reclamation of space in cloud-container storage pools to help reduce storage costs. Fragmentation occurs in cloud-container storage pools when data is deleted or expired. As a result, a cloud container can have occupied but unused space. You can now specify a threshold for reclaiming that space. When you are selecting a reclamation threshold, you can view the estimated space savings that can be achieved. You can also view the estimated number of requests to move data, and the amount of data to be sent and received. You can use these estimates to decide on a reclamation threshold that is most cost effective based on your cloud provider's storage and data movement charges.

For more information about these enhancements, see the Operations Center help.